7th International Triassic Field Workshop - Dolomites - Field trip to the World Heritage Site of the Tethyan Triassic

Dolomites, Southern Alps(I), September 5–10, 2010


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Monday, September 6th, 2009

The Bletterbach gorge (Late Permian – Early Triassic)

Guides: M. Avanzini, E. Kustatscher, P. Gianolla

Visit to one of the best exposed section of continental to marginal marine succession for the Upper Permian and Lowermost Triassic of the Southern Alps.

Main topics of the day:

  • Upper Permian footprints and plant fossils of the Val Gardena Sandstone;
  • Sequence stratigraphy in a continental – marginal marine setting;
  • The Late Permian Transgression and the Bellerophon Formation;
  • The Permian - Triassic boundary and the Werfen Formation;

4.00 p.m.       Visit to the Museum of the Geoparc Bletterbach

Overnight in Campitello di Fassa

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Passo Feudo, Mt. Agnello and Latemar (Middle Triassic)

Guides: N. Preto, M. Avanzini, P. Mietto, P. Gianolla, G. Roghi

The day is dedicated to the visit of one of the historical areas for the Triassic of the Dolomites where the relations between volcanism, tectonism and carbonate sedimentation are clearly visible.

Main topics of the day:

  • Prevolcanic carbonate platforms and related basinal units: the Anisian platforms and ramps and the high relieve carbonate platforms;
  • The demise of Mt. Agnello by volcanics and volcaniclastics;
  • The slope at Mt. Cavignon and the startup of the Latemar carbonate platform;
  • Discussion on Triassic synsedimentary tectonics

5.00 p.m.       Visit to the Predazzo Museum, hosted by dott Elio Dellantonio and key lecture about the Latemar carbonate platform by Nereo Preto.

Overnight in Campitello di Fassa

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Col Rodella and P.ta Grohmann (Upper Ladinian – Lower Carnian)

Guides: P. Gianolla, P. Mietto, E. Kustatscher N. Preto, G. Roghi

The day is dedicated to the visit of a complete basinal succession starting from submarine volcanics (pillow lava, pillow breccia and hyaloclastites), recording the phases of dismantling and erosion of the volcanic area (Wengen Fm) and the re-establishment of the carbonate production (San Cassiano Fms and Cassian Dolomite).

Main topics of the day:

  • Triassic volcano-tectonics and associated deposits;
  • Sequence stratigraphy in a deep water setting and organisation of a depositional sequence;
  • The Ladinian-Carnian boundary in its type area.

Overnight in Campitello di Fassa

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Sella Group Ronda (Middle and Upper Triassic)

Guides: P. Gianolla, M. Avanzini, P. Mietto, N. Preto, G. Roghi

The day is dedicated to the isolated Carnian atoll of the Sella Group and to the discussion about different generations of post volcanic carbonate platforms and related basinal deposits.

Main topics of the day:

  • Large scale geometry of a carbonate platform;
  • Toe of slope carbonate deposits and models of carbonate exportation;
  • Syn-volcanic and post volcanic carbonate platforms.

Overnight in San Cassiano (BZ)

Thursday, September 10th, 2010

Lagazuoi, Col dei Bos and Tofana di Rozes (Upper Triassic)

Guides:, N. Preto, G. Roghi, P. Gianolla, M. Avanzini,

The day is dedicated to the stratigraphic organisation of the Carnian interval with the progressive closure of the basins related to the progradation of the carbonate and the terrigenous shoreline and the definitive flattening of the paleotopography (Dolomia Cassiana, S. Cassiano, Heiligkreuz, Travenanzes Fms, and Dolomia Principale). Also the sedimentary evidence of a tropical humid climate shift in the Carnian will be discussed in the superb outcrops of the Tofane area.

Main topics of the day:

  • Large scale geometry of a carbonate platform;
  • The “Carnian Pluvial Event”;
  • Rimmed and ramp geometries in carbonate setting.


The end of the field trip is close to Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), where we will organise on the last evening a special dinner in order to stay together and also for discussions. The general idea is to stay one more night at San Cassiano (BZ) or to come back to Bolzano/Bozen or reach Venice or other localities on Friday, September 11th, 2010 (more information will be given with the second circular)


All excursions only require basic walking skills, however, most localities are on high mountain environments (up to 2400 m altitude), thus warm/waterproof coating and walking boots are recommended.

Transport will be arranged by private cars and possibly some mini-buses.

For those who will arrive by plane and/or by train, we will help to arrange their transport during the field trip. Please use the attached form for registration.

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